Cell and Molecular Biology Course

Cell biology (Cytology) is the study of the structure and function of cells. Furthermore, it discusses how cells work and how their properties—such as metabolism, composition, cycle, and signaling—are related to their surroundings.

Molecular biology is a branch of biology that studies how biomolecules work together to create biological activity within cells. This includes understanding the interactions between DNA, RNA, proteins, and their biosynthesis.

This cellular and molecular biology course contains 21 videos that is divided into seven lessons, with assignments and a final exam at the end.

These are the specifications of Cell And Molecular Biology Course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body:
2. Teaching Institution:Online videos and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by:
4. Final Award:Part of the Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
5. Programme title:Cell and Molecular Biology
6. Course Code and level:BNHM6004 – Bachelor level
7. Duration of programme:One trimester or 12 weeks
8. Total number of study hours:Equivalent to 4 US credits or 50 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements:Bachelor’s degree students
10. Enrollment date:First-year of Bachelor’s degree, second trimester
11. Fees:

The lessons are the following:

  1. Lesson 1 – Cell Structure
  2. Lesson 2 – Structure of Protein, Structure and Function of Cell Membrane, Nucleus and Endomembrane System
  3. Lesson 3 – Peptide Bond, DNA to Protein and Amino Acids
  4. Lesson 4 – DNA Structure and Replication
  5. Lesson 5 – Mitosis, Meiosis, and Heredity
  6. Lesson 6 – Cellular Respiration and Glycolysis
  7. Lesson 7 – Kreb’s Cycle, Electron Transport Pathway and ATP

Course Materials:
– The online course materials, assignments, and final exams are all available online. Additionally, there are many videos available to assist the student.