About us

The Naturopathy School of the Philippines (NSPH) is an affiliate of Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine in Larnaca, Cyprus adapting their 25 years of expertise and experience in the study and practice of Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine. 

The Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine offers more than 50 professional Diploma courses in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine that our students in the Philippines can now benefit from. 

A student wanting to further their education to earn a Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral degree in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine can transfer credits taken from these courses to the University of America (Curacao & Florida USA), which have recognized and accredited these courses for transfer to the University. The University of America will award the final degree.

Let Naturopathy School of the Philippines (NSPH) be your partner in supporting your goal to become an internationally certified Naturopathic Practitioner.


To establish an institution of thought and provide an open space for students to learn various alternative & natural health care modalities in accordance with the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act No. 8423 otherwise known as the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) of 1997 including all of its proposed amendments in order to create more opportunities in educating the public on health and wellness thereby improving the quality and delivery of health care services to the Filipino people through the development of traditional and alternative health care and its integration into the health care delivery system.


Our mark represents the core of the beliefs that we abide by as an institution of higher learning focused on naturopathic and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Our institution prides itself in centering our teachings on a blend of traditional and modern alternative techniques aimed at not just diagnosing ailments but finding the root causes and eliminating said root causes to ensure the body’s complete recovery from the inside-out.

First Do No Harm
The Healing Power of Nature


The symbols indicated at the center of the logo represent the 7 Doctors of Nature namely: Dr. Sun, Dr. Air, Dr. Diet, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Water,
Dr. Exercise, and Dr. Energy. All of which play a vital role in achieving Natural and Holistic way to a healthy life and free of sickness.

This institution upholds its principles in the highest regard and seeks to embody them in everything that represents it. From our emblem to the way we educate our students, the Naturopathy School of the Philippines always champions Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine for the betterment of mankind.