Pharmacology Course

This pharmacology course contains video-based lessons covering basic definitions, pharmacodynamics, cholinergic drugs, antidepressants, antiarrhythmic drugs, diuretics, hypertension, antihypertensives, and other related topics.

The biological field of pharmacology focuses on the investigation of how drugs or medications work. It is the study of how interactions between chemicals and living things impact both normal and abnormal biochemical processes. Take note that pharmaceuticals are substances that have medicinal properties.

These are the specifications of Pharmacology Course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body:
2. Teaching Institution:Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by:
4. Final Award:Compulsory course for all Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
5. Programme title:Pharmacology
6. Course Code and level:BNHM6014 – Bachelor Level
7. Duration of programme:One trimester or 12 weeks
8. Total number of study hours:Equivalent to 6 US credits or 50 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements:Bachelor’s degree students
10. Enrollment date:Second-year, First Trimester
11. Fees:

All of the lessons are on video, and there are assignment questions and a final exam. The following are the lessons to be learned:

  1. Lesson 1 – Basic Pharmacology
  2. Lesson 2 – Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  3. Lesson 3 – Autonomic Nervous System and Cholinergic Drugs
  4. Lesson 4 – Neuron Action Potential and Anticholinergic and Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
  5. Lesson 5 – Adrenergic Receptors and Agonists and Alpha and Beta Blockers
  6. Lesson 6 – Antidepressants and Antiarrhythmic Drugs
  7. Lesson 7 – Diuretics and Hypertension and Antihypertensives
  8. Lesson 8 – Drugs for Hyperlipidemia and Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Drugs

The course materials, assignments, and final exams are all available online, along with a variety of videos to watch.