The Science of Natural Healing Diploma Course

This diploma course explores the natural methods available to heal the body and improve health.

The Science of Natural Healing diploma course is a series of 24 videos that cover a variety of topics in natural healing.

These are the specifications of The Science of Natural Healing Diploma Course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body:
2. Teaching Institution:Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by:
4. Final Award:Stand-alone Diploma
5. Programme title:The Science of Natural Healing Diploma Course
6. Course Code and level:NHM6015 – Bachelor Level
7. Duration of programme:Maximum 12 months
8. Total number of study hours:Approximately 100 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements:None
10. Enrollment date:Anytime
11. Fees:


  1. Changing the Healthcare Paradigm
    • Examining the foundation of Western medicine which places a strong emphasis on treatment of symptoms and a relatively low priority on disease prevention. Construct a holistic approach to healthcare that takes into account the environment, lifestyle, and well-being.
  2. Knowledge and understanding of Holistic Integrative Medicine
    • Holistic integrative medicine will provide you access to a variety of healthcare modalities. Integrative medicine is based on the philosophy that patients should be partnered with their healthcare providers in order to find the underlying causes of disease and care for their entire body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Your genes do not define who you are
    • The connection between your genes and lifestyle is highlighted in this lecture. Your diet, lifestyle, and level of stress can all have a significant impact on how your genes are expressed. We will study the fields of pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics to learn how diet and medication affect genes.
  4. Importance of Food
    • By following scientific discoveries, you will learn the direct impact of what you eat has on your heart health and other medical conditions. Discover the advantages of a Mediterranean diet and the kinds of foods that support a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Every Food is Different
    • Foods can be classified according to their nutritional value. Superfoods are foods that have special properties that make them especially healthy.
  6. Natural Methods for Treating Inflammation
    • Inflammation is a protective response by the body that can lead to many diseases. Find out what causes chronic inflammation, and how to address each contributing factor. Learn how to use food as its alternative medicine.


  1. The Elimination Diet and Food Sensitivity
    • Learn about the elimination diet, which identifies the precise cause of food-related symptoms, the six main food groups associated with food sensitivity and allergy, as well as the data connecting them to ailments such as migraines and arthritis.
  2. Supplements and Vitamins
    • In here, you will study the industry of natural products, and learn how to assess the quality and purity of the intended supplements. Afterwards, you have to know the key supplements like probiotics, and vitamin D along with their effects on cancer, and other diseases.
  3. Herbal Remedies
    • Learn about the amazing health benefits of aloe, ginger, and licorice for GI tract; cranberry and saw palmetto for urogenital issues. Additionally, watch a case study demonstrating the herbal treatment and diagnosis for a patient with chronic migraines.
  4. Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol
    • cholesterol and triglycerides, alternatives to animal protein, and important herbal supplements for cholesterol management.
  5. Natural Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure
    • Review the data demonstrating how reducing sodium intake and losing weight both have a lowering effect on blood pressure. Study the noticeable effects of foods such as garlic as well as micronutrients (Vitamin D, magnesium, etc.)
  6. Natural Ways to Treat Diabetes
    • Diabetes is a condition that can result from the development of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. There are many ways to improve your health and prevent disease, through changing your lifestyle habits.


  1. The Link Between Stress and the Mind-Body
    • In this lecture, you will explore the body’s response to stress. Discover the three stress hormones, the physical changes they cause, and the harmful effects of both acute and chronic stress. We also need to track the psychological effects of stress.
  2. Making Strength Out of Stress
    • In order to reduce stress, it is important to understand your own emotional life; there are ways reach a positive feeling state and disarm the stress response. Your perspective of the world and how you react to stress are closely related.
  3. Guided imagery, Yoga, and Meditation
    • Review its impressive clinical effects, and learn how to use them in your daily life to improve your health.
  4. Improving Mental Health Naturally
    • Numerous options are available for addressing problems with mental health and wellbeing in holistic medicine. Investigate the latest research on how nutrition and nutrient deficiencies affect the mental health.
  5. Biofield Therapies
    • Despite being controversial, “Biofield” or energy therapies show benefits on one’s health. In here, you will learn the principles and usage of acupuncture, chi, and other therapies as treatments on conditions.
  6. Power of Love
    • Review the extensive clinical research linking optimistic outcomes for serious diseases with supportive social, familial, and parental relationships.


  1. Health and Spirituality
    • Numerous studies point to a strong link between spirituality and health. So, one must look into the evidence showing that spiritually engaged individuals are more resistant to disease, and figure out the reasons.
  2. Spiritual Wellness Elements
    • Spirituality is seen in holistic integrative medicine as a component of good health. Research the effects of forgiveness and optimistic on your spiritual wellness. Other than that, you will learn specific techniques for creating a positive emotional outlook.
  3. Application of Lessons on Natural Healing
    • All the students will follow the progress of a woman who is diagnosed with diabetes, depression, hypertension, and arthritis. Check out how a thorough health plan for her included dietary adjustments, social connection, and other more.
  4. Health and Ecology
    • Track how environmental factors like climate change, air pollution, industrial chemicals, etc. affect human health, and think about effective ways to deal with these issues. The state of our planet is crucially correlated with the wellbeing of humans.
  5. Healthy People equals to a Healthy Planet
    • A positive lifestyle impacts both your health and the planet’s health.  Search into eco-friendly decisions and actions to get rid of dangerous substances and promote healthy food production.
  6. Your best treatment is yourself
    • The course concludes with a look at the final fundamental element of your
      Healing—yourself. Review research on why people heal, and examine the influence of the patient’s outlook on the healing process.

Course Materials
– All the materials for this course are available online and in downloadable PDF files. There are assignment questions and a final exam that can all be taken online.