Detoxification & Toxicology

All students studying any branch of naturopathy need an excellent foundation to build upon and as such, the study of toxins which includes but isn’t limited to their effects on health and detoxification procedures is vital for all aspiring practitioners. Students will learn the tried and tested processes used in various clinical settings and patients, including techniques that have yet to be officially published.

These are the specifications of Detoxification & Toxicology Course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body:
2. Teaching Institution:Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by:
4. Final Award:Stand-alone Diploma
5. Programme title:Detoxification and Toxicology Diploma course
6. Course Code and level:DT/BNHM6007/BNHM6008 – Bachelor Level
7. Duration of programme:Maximum 12 months
8. Total number of study hours:Approximately 100 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements:None
10. Enrollment date:Anytime
11. Fees:

Course curriculum

  1. LESSON 1: An Introduction to Toxicity
  2. LESSON 2: Approaches to Detoxification
  3. LESSON 3: Physiology of Toxins
  4. LESSON 4A: How we are exposed to Toxins
  5. LESSON 4B: Toxins from leisure activities and travel
  6. LESSON 4C: Toxins from medical treatments
  7. LESSON 4D: Toxins that affect children
  8. LESSON 5A: Sources of External Toxins
  9. LESSON 5B: Water and Air pollution
  10. LESSON 5C: Plant and microorganisms
  11. LESSON 5D: Chemicals and metals
  12. LESSON 5E: Noise, weather, and altitude
  13. LESSON 5F: Radiation, electromagnetic fields, and geopathic stress
  14. LESSON 6: Sources of Internal Toxins
  15. LESSON 7A: Detoxification: The essence of life
  16. LESSON 7B: Nutrients and detoxification
  17. LESSON 7C: Diet, fasting, and juicing
  18. LESSON 7D: Exercise and bodywork
  19. LESSON 7E: Breathing and oxygen therapy
  20. LESSON 7F: Allergy treatment and chelation
  21. LESSON 7G: Treating toxic metals naturally
  22. LESSON 7H: Herbs and aromatherapy
  23. LESSON 7I: Topical detoxification
  24. LESSON 7J: Homeopathy and bach flower remedies
  25. LESSON 7K: Organ cleansing
  26. LESSON 7L: Energy balancing
  27. LESSON 7M: Detoxification for mind and spirit
  28. LESSON 7N: Detoxification methods for children
  29. LESSON 8A: Ways of Preventing Toxicity
  30. LESSON 8B: Prevention: Indoor environment
  31. LESSON 8C: Prevention: Outdoor environment
  32. LESSON 9: Dr. Georgiou’s Total Body Alkaline Detoxification Protocol
  33. LESSON 10: Heavy Metals: Natural Chelating Protocols
  34. LESSON 11: Parasites: The uninvited guests
  35. LESSON 12: Liver and gallbladder cleanse