Naturopathic Treatments of Microorganisms

Nature is rich in naturally-occuring antibiotics produced by many plants within the plant kingdom that have no adverse side effects on the human body as compared to synthetic antibiotics. As modern synthetic antibiotics become less and less effective due to germs adapting and becoming antibiotic-resistant, knowledge of natural antibiotics is now more crucial than ever.

These are the specifications of Naturopathic Treatments of Microorganisms Course:

1. Awarding Institution / Body:
2. Teaching Institution:Online and distance learning, with tutor support
3. Programme Accredited by:
4. Final Award:Compulsory course for students enrolled in the Doctor in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
5. Programme title:Naturopathic Treatments of Microorganisms
6. Course Code and level:DNHM8016-1 – Doctorate Level
7. Duration of programme:One trimester or 12 weeks
8. Total number of study hours:75 clock hours of study
9. Enrollment requirements:Students enrolled in the Doctor of Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine
10. Enrollment date:Second Year, Second Trimester
11. Fees:

Course Curriculum

  1. Lesson 1 – The Solution: Overcoming Disease
  2. Lesson 2-8 – Material based on Jim Humble’s book about MMS.
  3. Lesson 9 – Colloidal Silver Today
  4. Lesson 10 – Silver Colloids. Do they work?
  5. Lesson 11 – Natural Antibiotics
  6. Lesson 12 – Herbal Antifungals and how to use them
  7. Lesson 13 – Plants that Boost the Immune