Masters in Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine

  • Naturopathic Treatments of Skin Diseases

    Naturopathic Treatments of Skin Diseases

    This course will primarily focus on the causes & risk factors of skin conditions such as Eczema alongside the naturopathic treatments available to help heal the body and regenerate any damaged skin caused by these illnesses.


  • Naturopathic Treatment of Gallstones

    Naturopathic Treatment of Gallstones

    This course teaches students about the naturopathic treatments available in flushing out gallstones and toxic bile from the gallbladder after having been practiced for decades with excellent success rates. The lessons will adequately show learners how to prepare and conduct the gallbladder flush so that future practicing naturopaths may be able to implement this procedure…


  • Naturopathic Osteopathy

    Naturopathic Osteopathy

    This course tours students through the study of osteopathy, a holistic and whole-body approach to healthcare. These approaches include manual techniques that balance all the body systems. This can range from stretching and gentle pressure to resistance, known as osteopathic medicine.


  • Naturopathic Gastroenterology

    Naturopathic Gastroenterology

    This course covers specific naturopathic protocols used in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Celiac Disease.


  • Human Energy Fields

    Human Energy Fields

    This course examines the concept of human energy fields and how external energies can interact with our internal energies. Specifically in how changes in human energy fields may cause health improvements or be detriments instead.


  • Naturopathic Chiropractic Course

    Naturopathic Chiropractic Course

    This course contains 11 lectures with accompanying videos for each lecture. There are seven other videos that discuss chiropractic X-rays, adjustments, the dangers of inflammation, and restoring cervical lordosis.