Functional Medicine

  • Psychology and Human Behavior

    Psychology and Human Behavior

    All therapists need to understand the fundamentals of psychology and human behavior since they interact with different kinds of people whose personalities, opinions, and thinking processes all differ from one another. Students under this course will study these basic concepts of psychology to give them a solid understanding of this field.


  • Nutritional Microscopy

    Nutritional Microscopy

    This course tours students through the fascinating study of Live Blood Analysis and learn how to accurately identify and interpret the observed morphologies. This class is a compulsory course for students undergoing the Doctor of Naturopathy & Holistic Medicine degree.


  • Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics

    Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics

    Nutritional genomics is the study of food and how it directly and or indirectly impacts our genes and how individual genetic differences may compromise or improve the way we intake nutrients from what we eat. It’s recently been rising in popularity due to potential in preventing, impeding, and or treating certain chronic illnesses, and even…


  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

    Despite being a niche topic of interest in the realm of naturopathy, there is much knowledge to be learned from even just a single strand of hair such as a person’s metabolic rate, current stage of stress, immune system health, and adrenal & thyroid glandular activity.


  • Detoxification & Toxicology

    Detoxification & Toxicology

    All students studying any branch of naturopathy need an excellent foundation to build upon and as such, the study of toxins which includes but isn’t limited to their effects on health and detoxification procedures is vital for all aspiring practitioners.


  • Iridology Specialization

    Iridology Specialization

    This course offers a comprehensive study of the patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris which can be used to determine and diagnose a patient’s systemic health.